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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skip videos?

Yes, you can. Just double-tap the screen.

How can I pause the game?

Put 3 fingers on screen to pause.

What happens if I receive a phone call?

The game pauses itself. When the phone call is over, you can resume it.

Why must I put the fingers on the marks to resume the game after a pause?

To avoid cheating. The fingers should be in the same position they were before pausing the game. When you put your finger on a mark, it turns red.

I don’t want to share my scores, but them appear in the world ranking screen. How can it happen?

If you select not to sharing your scores, this information is never sent and your privacy is guaranteed. The world ranking screen shows the position you would have without needing to send any data from your device.

How can I get a gold medal?

Try to finish the level collecting all the rings, killing all the enemies, and with the lower time and number of steps as possible. Practice makes perfect.